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I'll post all of the activities we do on this blog.

If you want to, you can buy this book to work at home: English File Intermediate Plus (third edition): Student’s Book + Workbook with Key Pack. (3rd Edition) ISBN: 9780194558235 (Oxford University Press)

A list of useful books to reinforce grammar and vocabulary:

• Spectrum 3. English Rules and Practice. Intemediate. Harrison. Oxford.
• Communicative Grammar Practice. Activities. Intermediate Students of English. Leo Jones. CUP
• Intermediate Language Practice. Michael Vince. MacMillan Heinemann.
• Practical English Usage. M.Swan. Oxford University Press.
• How English Works. M. Swan and C. Walter. Ed. Oxford
• New English Grammar in Use. R. Murphy. C. U. P.
• Intermediate Vocabulary. B.J. Thomas. Ed. Nelson.
English Vocabulary in Use, pre-intermediate & intermediate. Stuart Redman. Cambridge University Press.
• English Grammar with Exercises. Fernández Carmona. Fraile del Pozo. Longman.

Level of the graded readers that you should be able to understand without many problems:

  • Collins Graded Readers 5)
  • Heinemann Guided Readers (5).
  • Cambridge (4)
  • Longman Structural Readers (5).
  • Burlington Books (1800 words onwards)
  • Mac-Millan Readers (int. i upper int.)
  • Penguin Readers Penguin (5)
  • Oxford Bookworms (5) 

Other useful resources:

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