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1) Use of English (worksheet)

2) Reading: Community service (worksheet)

3) LISTENING AND SPEAKING PRACTICE: STRESS (after watching the video you should try to answer the 5 questions from the video)

4) Homework: WRITING TASK
 (send them to: gabytorrens@hotmail.com before January 11th).

1) Write an email letter to the school owner saying why you think you are suitable for the job (100-125 words).

"Do you like working with groups of people? Are you interested in films? FILM CLUB ORGANISER NEEDED!: Our language school is looking for a person to help organise a Film Club for students of English. If you think you are a suitable person to organise our Club we would like to hear from you."

2) Write an informal letter to your friend (100-120 words) talking about the following things:

- You went to Gerry's surprise birthday party. Who was there? What happened? Describe Gerry's presents. Describe Gerry's reaction.Say that you met an old friend at the party. Describe the situation and how you felt about it.

Do you fancy reading something in English?

The books you should read at this stage should be over 1800 words. In this link you can read books online or download them for free. You can also listen to them while reading: http://english-e-reader.net/findbook

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